This thing: COVID-19

We've talked about the intersection of art and science for several years now, but this topic seems to be more relevant than ever right now in the era of Covid-19. This blog post may inspire or inflame, depending on your outlook, so here we go: Many in the U.S. have...

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When Art Encounters Science

What happens when we embark on exploring the art and science of scientific animation with Arkitek? For the longest time, this was a question that I avoided publicly, even while I was engaged in answering it daily through my work at Arkitek. It was the kind of question...

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The Power of Visual Education

Believe it or not, one of our most successful scientific animations at Arkitek involved images of forklifts, dump trucks, radar dishes and faucets. And no, it wasn’t for a children’s show—it was for a biotech company. We used these visual analogies to explain the...

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I am uncomfortable.

(NOTE: I wrote these words several years ago, found them today. And how relevant they are…) Occupying that unholy space between naivete and complacency. A jarring place where questions, fears and answers tantalizingly out of reach, are constant companions. To walk as...

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Water skimmers vs. deep sea divers

No doubt everyone on the planet is or has been both. And it seems pretty obvious that people generally prefer one over the other. But I have a question about the amount of time we spend in both, because it'd be difficult to either live deep in the bowels of detail, or...

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Have you ever noticed…

… that when you drive up to an intersection, the second you do, for that brief moment, the coast is clear? But if you wait, then you wait for a very long time? I've wondered about this for years, and I've decided I can either take this as some sort of cosmic prod to...

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Visualize this… (ruminations on how we see)

Discovering that we don't experience the world in real time was a revelation that underscores the fascinating intersection we explore at Arkitek, particularly in the art and science of scientific animation.. .Though anyone would swear that what they see is one...

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Is Art an Invention or a Discovery?

This is something that’s nagged me for a very long time, and I’ve asked a ton of people for their opinion. And what’s interesting is that everyone answers immediately, DECISIVELY, one way or the other, and then they stop – and they think about it again, and they’re...

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The Need to Know

Days, weeks, months and years have passed since the newly minted scientist first launched herself on this quest to uncover exactly why this particular cell acts like a normal, happy member of society most of the time, but then suddenly veers toward a dangerous future,...

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Story Isn’t a Dirty Word

I think humans are wired for stories, and naturally seek to encapsulate their experiences into narratives that help to explain what has happened. Without an arc, any series of events that are somehow tied together, don’t really seem to make much sense. And since we...

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Humans get pretty cranky when they forget the original reason behind why they’re working so hard at something. I do. But it’s easy to have happen, since working on anything that involves time, effort and thinking generates a lot of data, and that data winds up falling...

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The Quantum World and Art

I had thought that came to me in a conversation with my very first ballet teacher, whom I spent the day with in San Francisco some months ago – There are several attributes dance and science have in common, that I’m not sure many people have thought about: both...

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