have developed or discovered something groundbreaking . . .

and it could change absolutely everything!



might be new to the entire process or science involved . . . how do we capture their interest and get them onboard? 


20,000 ft. or sea level?  It’s a question of altitude 

As researchers and developers, we live in the details, and it’s those details that make it all work. But to someone who might be new to your process or science, those details could get overwhelming and might lead to confusion and ultimately, disinterest. We’ve presented new discoveries and unique concepts for more than two decades.  We can help you select an altitude that tells your story in the clearest way possible.

Finding the right depth & tone

Whether you’re a company looking for investment or about to go public, an agency building a campaign for your client, a mid to late-stage entity interested in being acquired, or a start-up just figuring out how to talk about yourselves, we’re happy to dive to whatever depth you need. These are very different scenarios with equally different requirements. We have experience in all of them and many more.

 If you haven’t yet formulated an approach, we’ll help you to distill the most important points of your concept and present them with the appropriate tone. It’s key to making sure your audience understands your process and resonates with what you’re trying to convey. 

 If you’ve already created your campaign and just need visual assets built for it, we’re happy to plug in and get going. In the end, the more your audience understands that process and feels the impact of your presentation, the more willing they are to accept it, fund it, work with it, or buy it.

The eyes have it.

For thousands of years, visuals have been the clearest way to get what’s in our head into someone else’s head (it’s kinda why we’ve used a ~15,000 year old pictograph as part of our logo). Humans devote more than half of our total neural processing firepower to interpreting visual information.  So, let’s build a visual roadmap of your idea. Images that’ll remain in your audience’s mind long after they’ve seen it. After all, if a picture says a thousand words, moving pictures convey exponentially more than that. They can cut through the noise.

Worlds of complexity

Science, medicine, and technology – within these worlds lie some of the most difficult questions ever posed, as well as some of the most elegant solutions yet developed. The complexity inherent within your work should never be a barrier to wide adoption. No matter what stage of development you’re at, we can help you bring your discovery or invention to light. We look forward to working with you.

How people are using our content


“I can directly connect Arkitek to Roche’s acquisition of Stratos Genomics. My co-founders had a brilliantly elegant concept of denaturing DNA where the single strands act as templates for incorporating highly engineered bases and polymerases to create a synthetic polymer that increased the base read’s signal 50X for nanopore reading.

After two years of attempting to raise venture capital with PowerPoints and arm waving, this complex proved futile.  I finally realized that animation was the only path for conveying our intent.

Arkitek’s animation made the abstract understandable and catalyzed $60 million to demonstrate arguably the most advanced combination of molecular and enzyme engineering in history. I can’t thank Beth and Doug enough!”

Al Stephan,
CEO, co-founder (2007 – 2016),
Stratos Genomics

IPOs and Roadshows

“When we did a successful $100M IPO in 2000, a very creative Arkitek animation of our key concept proved to be a critical element of our roadshow.

We went on to use it at JP Morgan Healthcare conference, with Nobel Prize winners, and even the construction crew building out our lab – everybody got it and everybody loved it.

You can’t overstate the value of a succinct and beautiful statement of purpose. Intellectual eye-candy is hard to come by, and Arkitek has the gift.”

N. Leigh Anderson, PhD.
CEO, co-founder
Large Scale Biology Corporation

Patient and Public Education

‘My project with Arkitek has turned into a great collaboration – it has been a joy to work with them. I needed to explain to multiple audiences with diverse backgrounds, which include patient advocates and clinician researchers, a new statistical method for transforming biomarker levels measured over time into a risk of having cancer.

My hope and expectation is that audiences will gain a new confidence in the method via understanding how it works due to Arkitek’s creative and yet scientifically accurate presentation.”

Steven Skates, PhD.
Massachusetts General Hospital

Clinical Trials

“We were aware of Arkitek based upon an RNAi animation they had done for Nature several years ago. The Arkitek team worked closely with our clinical and R&D teams to develop an animation that explained our product candidate for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection.

Physicians conducting the clinical trial and IRB’s overseeing the trials at various clinical trial sites welcomed this use of computer animation to aid the education of prospective clinical trial participants and ensure participants who enroll in the trial have been consistently and fully informed of technology being evaluated within the clinical trial.”

C. Satishchandran, PhD.
CEO, Executive VP, Nucleonics, Inc.

Medical and Clinical Devices

“They are extraordinary collaborators – easy to work with and produce high quality work. I produced about half a dozen projects over the years with Arkitek. They possess the optimum combination of creative talent, technical savvy, professionalism and affable disposition.

Having worked some of these projects with less time than all of us would like, Arkitek communicates realistic options for what can be done in the available time and budget.

My highest praise is that I am always on the lookout for another project to collaborate.”

Steven Peters, Manager,
Marketing & Brand Communications,


“Arkitek has the rare ability to take complex scientific concepts and turn them into accessible and engaging multimedia formats.

Their standards of professionalism  and their ingenuity far exceed your expectations. It was real pleasure to work with the Arkitek team, for whom their work is clearly a passion.”

Simon Fenwick, Senior Production Editor
Nature Reviews


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