Compel, delight and inform. It’s food for your mind.

Virtual Reality

Dream up brave new fully-immersive virtual worlds. Completely transform how your audience interacts with your content.

Welcome to the future.

3D Animation

Build a visual world that demystifies the complexities of science and technology. We can create anything.

Go ahead.
Dream away.

Augmented Reality

Enhance the real world. Use augmented content to deliver a one-of-a-kind customized experience.

Harness the best tech.

3D Animation



360° movies

These virtual movies allow you to pivot 360 degrees, but not move around or interact.

Enhanced 360°

Enhanced 360° adds limited interactivity for the user to the virtual experience.

Game Platforms

It’s what Ludicrous mode is to Tesla. Move anywhere. Interact with anything.

This is a VR 360 movie created for the ISEV (International Society for Extracelllar Vesicles – about extracellular vesicles, small packets of information that cells use to communicate with one another. Once you launch the movie, use your mouse to pivot in the scene.

If you’re on a computer or laptop: Click and drag your mouse in the above video to move around. You control it. On a smart phone? Click here to open this video in YouTube, then move your phone to take a spin.


Marker-driven content

Displays augmented content through phones, tablets or headsets and keys off target images uploaded to the cloud.

Markerless content

Displays augmented content that derives its position from IFR, GPS, and other means.
Accessible via phone, tablet, or headset.

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