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Virtual Reality

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3D Animation

Build a visual world that demystifies the complexities of science and technology. We can create anything.

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Augmented Reality

Enhance the real world. Use augmented content to deliver a one-of-a-kind customized experience.

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3D Animation


NOW PLAYING 2017 HIGHLIGHT REEL Our 2017 highlight reel includes several clips from our biotech, pharma, technology, and institutional clients. Click any video to watch full screen with sound. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING ALLEN INSTITUTE FOR BRAIN RESEARCH We designed and produced this piece for the Allen Institute for Brain Research's summer 2011 Ted Talk. In addition to creating the 3D animation, we also had the extraordinary chance to film an actual human brain (shown in this video). View fullscreen NOW PLAYING NATURE: IMMUNOLOGY OF THE GUT MUCOSA Created for Nature Immunology in London, this animation describes what goes on in the largest and most dynamic immunological environment in the body, the mucosal lining of the gut. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING ABSciex Crane2 4500 Mass Spectrometer The ABSciex 4000 series has been the world's best selling and most widely used mass spectrometer ever produced. We were hired to create this marketing video when the 4500 series was released. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Nature Reviews Genetics: RNAi Animation This is the revised version of a animation we created for Nature in 2004 on RNA interference. Dr. Craig Mello, who received the Nobel Prize for Medication in 2006, consulted on this project. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Immunomics Therapeutics - MHC-II Pathways This video describes the groundbreaking approach Immunomics Therapeutics' uses to address allergies. This video helped their company explain their science and process. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Nature Drug Discovery: Cancer Cell Metabolism This animation for Nature Drug Discovery focused on how cancer cells metabolize glucose differently than healthy cells. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING ABSciex - SWATH Animation ABSciex tapped us to create an explanatory animation on how their novel SWATH technology works. Although deceptively simple, this concept had proven difficult to visualize. We worked closely with the client to come up with the best way to show this technology. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Nature Immunology - The Lung Our lungs bring in vital oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, but they are also usually the first site of pathogen exposure. This video, created for Nature, showcases how the lungs have their own large and complex immune system. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Stratos Genomics: X Probes DNA sequencing The holy grail in sequencing DNA encompasses two things: speed and accuracy. With Stratos Genomics' method, extreme accuracy is achieved. This video explained the technology to potential investors. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Psoriasis and Beyond: Targeting the IL-17 Pathway We created another series about immunology for Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. This animation describes the mechanisms underlying psoriasis. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING SISCAPA Assay Technologies SISCAPA has developed a novel method for rapid and accurate quantification of minute amounts of proteins in a sample, by comparing labeled and wild type version of each peptide. This video introduces their revolutionary method to the science community. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Riken Center for Developmental Biology: Stem Cells While doing research on stems cells, we were astounded at the volume of conflicting information available. We created the first high-end, freely available 3D animation that describes both embryonic and adult stem cells, and ways to harness their power therapeutically. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Nature Immunology - Immunology of the Skin This animation explains how the skin functions as the protective barrier between us and the rest of the world. Without its myriad arsenal of protective T cells, Mast cells, natural killer cells, and a number of other specialized cells, we wouldn't last long. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Exiqon LNA DNA can change its shape slightly, switching between and S and N conformation. When using DNA probes, locking the DNA into the N conformation using a methylene bridge gives the probe the ability to withstand higher temperatures, allowing much more specificity in probe results. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Roche xCELLigence Technology xCELLigence technology uses impedance to measure minute voltage changes within cells over time. This method can measure very small changes due to a variety of stimuli on living cells, which provides far greater data on what effect these stimuli are actually having, rather on simple end stage experiments. View fullscreen


360° movies

These virtual movies allow you to pivot 360 degrees, but not move around or interact.

Enhanced 360°

Enhanced 360° adds limited interactivity for the user to the virtual experience.

Game Platforms

It’s what Ludicrous mode is to Tesla. Move anywhere. Interact with anything.

This is a VR 360 movie created for the ISEV (International Society for Extracelllar Vesicles – about extracellular vesicles, small packets of information that cells use to communicate with one another. Once you launch the movie, use your mouse to pivot in the scene.

If you’re on a computer or laptop: Click and drag your mouse in the above video to move around. You control it. On a smart phone? Click here to open this video in YouTube, then move your phone to take a spin.


Marker-driven content

Displays augmented content through phones, tablets or headsets and keys off target images uploaded to the cloud.

Markerless content

Displays augmented content that derives its position from IFR, GPS, and other means.
Accessible via phone, tablet, or headset.

NOW PLAYING Augmented Reality: Chemistry Book Cover Using marker-driven content, augmented reality can transform any physical item -- like a text book, into a new experience when combined with a smartphone. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING SIM-E Conceptual Augmented Reality SISCAPA is prototyping having an intelligent avatar ("Sim-e") present and explain the results of their test to patients. "Sim-e" enriches the user experience by combining SISCAPA data with real-time health news, powerful visual explanations, and physican links. View fullscreen NOW PLAYING Augmented Reality: Smartphone Test A normal image -- in a book or say, on a business card, can trigger special content to appear on special AR apps on smart phones. View fullscreen

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