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Welcome to Arkitek’s News Page, where we showcase the latest in scientific and biomedical animation. Discover how our work is transforming the communication of complex scientific concepts, driving innovation and enhancing understanding in the scientific community. Stay updated with our recent projects and breakthroughs in the field.

University of Vienna – Aspelmeyer Lab

Nearly fifteen years ago Dr. Markus Aspelmeyer of the Quantum Physics Lab at the University of Vienna approached us to create biomedical and scientific animations in support of a revolutionary experiment his lab had designed on whether quantum properties could be...

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University of Warsaw

Dr. Katarzyna Koziac, a researcher and professor at the University of Warsaw asked us to create a biomedical and scientific animation in support of her research into the novel use of Cefazolin, an existing antibiotic, in the treatment of psoriasis. Having found a...

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Evelo Biosciences

Evelo Biosciences is reinventing the world of immune-therapeutics by harnessing the power of benign bacteria types as medicinal delivery vectors, primarily via the gut. They asked us to create a biomedical and scientific animation that would appeal to investors and...

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Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Scripps Institute of Oceanography engaged Arkitek to create an animation that explains how atmospheric rivers (ARs) impact the West coast of the US, as well an introduction to a new rating system the Institute has devised to rate their strength (1 -5). This phenomenon...

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Extracellular Vesicles VR project – ISEV

Arkitek has created the first ever VR experience that highlights extracellular vesicles, tiny bubbles made from cell membranes that contain information cells use to communicate with one another. This work was premiered at the International Society for Extra-cellular...

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Stratos Genomics – Seattle, WA

We're in the middle of revamping an animation we did for Stratos Genomics back in 2009, detailing the changes in their technology that now use X-NTP's to create a one-to-one ratio of bases to reporters, enabling extremely fast and accurate base sequence reporting.

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Boston Biomedical – Boston

Arkitek Scientific has created two animations for Boston Biomedical Inc., the first on the role of the STAT3 protein in cancer, and the second on the MCL-1 protein, again in cancer, and is now embarking on a third about the CDK-9 protein. You can see the STAT3...

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AUTM meeting – Phoenix, AZ

Beth Anderson was invited to speak at the Association of University Technology Managers' annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ, on the path from initial concept to final animation, and how reference plays such a critical role in shaping design direction. She covered best...

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Unifarco Biomedical – Belluno, Italy

The role of specific lipids in the skin is well known. Unifarco has created a technology that has harnessed the healing properties of these lipids, and developed it into a formulation that repairs the skin barrier. Arkitek has been engaged to create a descriptive...

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TEDxOakland: The Great Rift – Art vs. Science

As one of the speakers for the inaugural TEDx event in Oakland in the fall of 2017, Ms. Anderson spoke about the intersection between art and science, and how in today's world, the two seem farther apart than any time in the past 100 years. Drawing on historical...

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RespoKare – Hong Kong

We were asked by Innonix to create an animation for their RespoKare anti-pollution mask, which uses a novel five part filtration technology to enhance its ability to screen out both harmful small particulates under 2.5 microns, as well as toxic gases such as nitrogen...

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