Oxford Brookes University - ISEV

Arkitek has created the first ever VR experience that highlights extracellular vesicles, tiny bubbles made from cell membranes that contain information cells use to communicate with one another. This work was premiered at the International Society for Extra-cellular Vesicles in Barcelona May 2-6 of this year. You can view it here.

Working with Dr. Dave Carter, researcher and professor at Oxford Brookes University in London, and Dr. Edit Buzas, researcher and professor at Semmelweis University, we created a 5 minute VR 360 world where viewers can watch the formation, entrance and exit of various types of EVs (extracellular vesicles) to and from cells. While much is known about this field of research, investigators continue to uncover further information about the level of communication cells have with one another, which appears to be quite deep.