Anyone who hasn’t tried virtual reality yet owes themselves a spin in a headset. We’ve found it’s one of those things that actually defies description. There is no parallel in our world that matches it and if the VR experience has been well-crafted, it actually feels like you’re there. Not just sort of there. That’s the best description we can give.

Virtual reality isn’t the solution for every project. Like 3D and AR, it has to be used sparingly where it makes sense. For example, when you enter a world where immune cells are racing past you, fighting enemies from within and without, enlisting you in their very own boss battle, it all becomes much more real, and that much more memorable. 

It’s said that the strongest memories are formed when coupled with strong emotions. Giving someone a virtual experience they won’t forget, but only in a good way, is tantamount to giving them the best possible educational or entertainment experience. We are only at the very beginning of what can be done in virtual reality. Who knows what the next five years will bring?


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