Beth fuses two of her passions – science and art, through her foundational work at Arkitek Scientific. 

Raised in a family steeped in the life sciences, Anderson initially opted to follow the art path. Classically trained in piano and ballet, she left for Stuttgart at 16 on a dance scholarship, and danced professionally in NYC, Denver, Chicago, and Mexico City for the next 8 years. 

Afterwards Anderson spent twelve years as a working musician in a number of bands, traveling often between LA and Pacific Northwest, as well as performing in Thailand. 

The road to the present has been circuitous, looping back to the sciences. Before founding Arkitek Scientific, she spent three years at Large Scale Biology Corporation where she helped to design and construct 2D electrophoresis equipment, as well as a high volume centrifuge-based oligonucleotide synthesizer, PCOS. 

In 1997 she and Doug Huff decided to start (then) Arkitek Studios, a visual communications design group specializing in content for the science, technology and education communities. 

In late 2002 she filed a US patent jointly with Dr. Norman Anderson and Doug Huff (U.S. Patent 6,702,229,B2 – Method, Apparatus and Article to Display Flight Information) for a novel navigation instrumentation design that utilizes airspeed and directional indicator information to help pilots synthesize position in extreme weather conditions.

Doug Huff


As the Creative Director at Arkitek Scientific, Doug is always seeking out brave new ways to tell stories and convey information visually. 

Huff attended Spokane Falls College and received a degree in Television Production, specializing in complicated special effects projects using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Prior to joining Arkitek Scientific, he was involved in the motion picture and video industry for twenty years, serving as director, producer and lead animator on multiple national projects. 

At Pinnacle Productions in Seattle, he pioneered the idea of integrating robotically-controlled camera work with computer-generated imagery. He built systems that utilized plotting-software xyz (3D graph), and combined camera pan/tilt movements with synthetically produced scenes to generate compelling special effects.

He joined Raster Ranch Ltd. in 1995 as Lead Animator, producing CG imagery for Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, King TV, Disney Epcot Center, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

He became the Creative Director for Arkitek Scientific in 1998, producing spots for XBox, the Discovery Kid’s channel, AT&T’s flagship visitor’s center, Intel, Hewlett Packard, as well as several critically-acclaimed animations for the Riken Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe, Japan and Nature Reviews Group in the UK. He is also an accomplished guitarist, and has composed, performed and engineered many of the audio pieces Arkitek Scientific has produced during the past twenty years.


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