About Us

We’re a small company of curious minds who have been intrigued by science and technology most of our lives. This fascination bubbled over early on and drew us into the (then) new field of 3D animation for science and technology.

We come from diverse backgrounds – music (classical and rock ‘n’ roll), ballet and modern dance, biotech instrumentation design and production, high-tech jewelry manufacturing, film producers, directors and camera operators, inventors and programmers. So far, nothing we’ve learned seems to have been a waste, all of it factors into what we do now.

What keeps us going (and sometimes up at night) is the realization that we get to visually describe some of the most ground-breaking scientific and technological inventions and discoveries the world has known. Knowing that we may get the call to animate an idea that may change the world is heady stuff. And we take that very, very seriously.

But while doing all of this work, we realized something else. It’s ALL education, no matter who the audience is. Because we’re passing along information from someone who knows that subject, to someone who doesn’t, and isn’t that what education is?

So, our mission is this: to illustrate in the most engaging way possible the incredible discoveries and inventions of our clients, and in doing so, to ignite the imagination of their audience.

We are hybrids – visual translators of complex information into arresting, memorable images that turn heads and change minds.

Who is The Dude in our logo?

I’ve been looking at this image for a very long time. I first found it in a book on cave paintings my parents had when I was ten. For some reason it stuck with me, and I always knew that “The Dude” was going to factor into something I did. Fast forward a number of years, when it came time to name this company and create a logo, “The Dude” emerged again. In the cave painting he’s holding arrows and a spear, but we changed those to a paintbrush and drumsticks.

“The Dude” represents what we think about art and its place in human society. People have been visualizing objects and ideas farther back than anyone can remember. So, it seemed like an appropriate symbol, brought forward through the millennia to represent who we are and what we do. Art never dies.

After all, digital art is just another paintbrush. One in a long line of methods and tools people have developed to help them see the world through different lenses. From cave paintings to napkin doodles to virtual reality, it’s all about interpreting not only what we see and experience, but what we can imagine.

Beth – Co-Founder, Arkitek Scientific


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